The Beast of Belgium


Beast of Belgium


Guido De Craene

From 1996 to 2000, Belgian director Guido De Craene was the artistic director of 'The Comet' (De Komeet), a Belgian theatre company that produced 19 plays with 70 actors, playing 120 parts in the years 1996 till 2000.
'The Comet' introduced new or rarely performed Anglo-Saxon theatre plays to Belgium.
(By John Patrick Shanley, Nicky Silver, Theresa Rebeck, George F. Walker, Lanford Wilson, Diana Amsterdam and many others)

His seemingly never stopping urge to put up new theatrical productions earned Guido De Creane his nickname 'Beast' among his friends in the American theatre industry.
Now founding a new theatre company in New York, he comes to the roots of his theatre experience.
The artistic profile of Beast of Belgium is to dig deep into the past century of rich American play writing history.
To present plays that have almost been forgotten, and to place them into the perspective of a new century.
That of a space odyssey, where the sky is no longer the limit.
Only the human mind and soul is.

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